It’s a wonderful ( crazy) world!

My son woke me up today with : 
“Mom, I want a blog!”

Good, you say…but how do you react when this is coming out of the mouth of a 7 year old?

Basically he wants to present his art, to make polymer clay figures and to show the crafts that he is working on.
I did oblige him, I see it is important to him and he did most everything ( incl. taking the pictures!) himself, to show me he is serious.
I think it has a lot of benefits, especially for a summer “job”:
– writing practice
– typing practice
– following through with commitment
– working on a lot of art projects
– getting experience with taking pictures, editing, uploading

Of course I’ll supervise the project, which means more work ( and commitment) for me too ( yay!).
I admit though, his idea caught me of guard.

So, here is the big question:

What do you think you would do if your child asks you the same?

So…a little bit more competition out there, for us bloggers, heh?

Check it out, you might like it!