Yes, summer!
The hot and humid thing that happens immediately after the snow disappears or at least that’s what happened this year. Four days ago we had the heat on, this weekend  we couldn’t breath because it was almost 90F.

So, in this weather what else can a person do than to start redecorating and renovating? That was a rhetorical question, don’t answer! 🙂 We almost finished the renovation of the kids’ room and I can’t wait to show you!
BUT…first things first, take a look at these dry pastels I made recently:

1. “Blue” Синьо/Тъжно
dry pastel April20100002
2. “Fireworks”/ Фойерверки
dry pastel April20100005
3. “Resonance” / Резонанс
dry pastel April20100009
4. Home/ У дома

dry pastel April20100014

I am always thinking if I chose the right titles. What do you think?
Винаги се чудя дали избирам правилните заглавия, вие как мислите?

See you soon with pictures of the new room! 😉
До скоро виждане, когато ще ви покажа снимки на новата стая!