Notes from the notebook – part 3

I am a very organized person, but the last couple of weeks were a real trial! However, I still managed to do some sketching, and though you might want to see.

Please, have in mind that I am learning just now…so it’s just student sketches and I am pretty much teaching myself, so if you have constructive criticism  I would appreciate it! The pictures are linked to the album, so if you want to see a larger image, simply click on the picture.

1. Study of eyes

2. Study of nose

Sketches May 20100017 

Sketches May 20100016

3. Study of mouth
    Sketches May 20100013      Sketches May 20100014

4. Skull
Sketches May 20100012

5. Ear
Sketches May 20100011

6. Head movement
Sketches May 20100009

And no, that’s not me ( the first question I got when I showed it around), it’s a picture from anatomy book)

Sketches May 20100008  SketchesMay20100001

8. Statue 
Sketches May 20100023

9. My right foot
My rigth foot

10. Face
Sketches May 20100022