“Outside the Matrix”

This is the title I chose for the last pyrographed piece I made. Well, among other things, I was watching the Matrix 1, 2 and 3 while I was making it. :-))) It seemed different from the others I thought that it would be a good title, because it doesn’t “fit” with the other pieces I made. 
Pyrographed plaque0004
It’s a nice perk, watching a movie while I work with the pyrograph 🙂 I mean, once I sketch what I want to do, it’s just a matter of actually doing it later, so it’s nice to have something on the background. Sometimes I use music, other times I use movies and I’ve noticed that it usually influences the way the piece looks.
Pyrographed plaque0002
Look at these details, these little ” dots” are big as a pinpoint, can you guess how much time it takes to make one of these pieces?
And here it is on the plate holder! I love how they look when you put them on an easel or something, but the plate holders give them character! 😉 I’m really happy I have enough left from the art show!

 Pyrographed plaque0003
Pyrographed plaque0001

Tomorrow I’ll post something I swore I won’t show you…but I changed my mind and I think it would be interesting for you to see! 🙂