Notes from the sketchbook: Part 1

I was thinking about what I said the other day, how I won’t show you the sketches I am working on. I thought it would be boring for people to see, but I got 5 e-mails where people were asking me to actually show them what’s in my sketchbook.
So, I thought about it and I am starting these series called ” Notes from the sketchbook” where I’m going to show you the sketches I made recently.
Here we go!
Let’s start with my favorite sketchbook- A Daler-Rowney Cachet Earthbound recycled sketchbook!

From the Sketchbook0015 
You wouldn’t believe where I found this, but I got it for 5 bucks at Walmart ( it was in the clearance section) and there were only 2 of them!
I love it because it’s different! The paper has character! When you look at it, you don’t see a simple white ( or black) page…there is so much to the recycled paper!
I’ve mentioned it times and again, but my favorite packing paper and bags are the recycled ones! I love to decorate them with virtually anything and make them for every occasion!
From the Sketchbook0016
I don’t know if it’s visible enough, but this one has a lot of silver lines on the background. These pictures could hove come out better, but…
From the Sketchbook0017
The waterfall 🙂
From the Sketchbook0018
The Stepping stones 😉
From the Sketchbook0019
Unfortunately on most pictures the silver pen is almost not visible. 🙁 The sketches are much better looking in person, but what can you do.
From the Sketchbook0020
From the Sketchbook0022
From the Sketchbook0023

What do you think? Do you want more? 🙂