Turn off your TV night!

At my son’s school there is an event called ” Turn off your TV ” night, where there are so much fun things for the kids to do, to get out of the house and some time with their parents and friends.
This year one of the crafts that were chosen for the event was the Bulgarian Martenici! I am so happy and I hope that the kids like them and we have fun time tonight!

I was supposed to make a poster with some information about the martenici and in the hour I had free yesterday this is what I came up with:
I used some glitter for the word Buglaria. I don’t know if you can actually see it in this size picture, but I contoured the word, then applied glue and then I sprinkled the glitter on top.
It is a pretty big poster as a matter of fact, I’ve never made a poster bigger than this one. See how big it is compared to the lampshade:
I wish I had more time and more materials left to do something a little bit different, but I think the kids are going to like this one too. The actual red and white Martenici cut-outs are filled with printed fun facts about the Martenici. 
I hope I have more pictures tonight from the event! 🙂