Let’s get some color going!

I bet you got tired of mine white on black drawings! So, I decided to do some watercolor mandalas!
1. Fairy Dance- don’t you think so, when you look at it? I apologize for I couldn’t take a very good picture of this one but it was in the middle of the night and I think nothing than a bright daylight would have shown the subdued elegance of the real colors!
march mandalas20100003
2. Indian Sun- I remember those mornings waiking up early in India, the sun friend for some and foe for others…I miss it sometimes and I know I probably won’t have the chance to visit it again but I have a special place for it in my heart. 
You definitely need to see the details upclose on this one! I worked almost 3 hours on this one!
march mandalas20100001
I really need to go, because I am moving ( and renovating) the kids room and it totally takes the best out of me, but I had to ask, which ones do you like better, the white on black or these?