That is the name of the drawing I am about to show you. 
You are probably wondering why am I not posting as often this week, well I am trying to prepare myself for the art show and a couple of other events an I am extremely busy with all the things I have to finish. 
I hope once the show is over I can relax a little because the last couple of weeks has been really stressful. 
While thinking of the all the things I have to finish it felt overwhelming and I wish I can do what my mom said often” Just let go, relax and let your mind fly high above the trouble”! So, here I am, listening to my mom’s advice and this is the drawing that came to my mind. 
Like a spiral with wings, your troubled soul can take you high where you want to go, but also it can trap you as a tornado and it can bring you down. It’s up to you where you’ll go!
So, what do you say?
I say…HIGH!