Valentine’s day mailbox from tissue box

You all probably have a list of the school projects that you’ve helped your kids with.
Well, I’m just starting and many things that people who went through the school system in the US know by definition, I  haven’t heard of. So when my son came back home with a “ Valentine’s day mailbox” I had absolutely no idea how are we going to do that!
My first idea was to make it from a regular tissue box, but in the instruction was specifically mentioned that the child should be able to take out the “mail” from a separate opening than the one the mail goes in the first place.
Now that was more difficult!
So, i came up with the idea to make a Kleenex tissue box on a “regular style” mailbox and the finished mailbox looks like this:

I have to say, that a single person would probably not be able to finish this. The structural design was my idea, but we did the whole thing with my son, because while one is gluing, the other one is holding, while one is wrapping, the other one is gluing. It was a teamwork and I am very pleased with the result.
The decoration design was entirely my son’s idea, he did most of it, I helped with the wrapping and the ribbon because he was afraid not to get burned by the glue gun.

As you can see, my son glued the “roof” a little tilted, but I think it came out great anyway.
We used a regular piece of cardboard that we cut an opening on, then we taped the pattern paper on it and then we glued the “roof” to the tissue box.
Here is the opening on top:

One thing that I am very proud of is the second opening. I used the sides that close of the tissue box and wrapped them in colored paper. But we needed some way to close that! My son and I brainstormed for almost 30 minutes, going through tape, ribbons etc as idea. Nothing seemed to be right.
Then I thought of reclosable fasteners! I am very modest, but this was a genius idea! 😉

And voila, there is the mailbox! What do you think?