Thank you for the inspiration!

I don’t usually do awards. 
I am grateful for receiving them of course, but I’ve always felt uneasy to give awards away because I find it restricting in a sense that I cannot simply say, yes- these are the best and the rest doesn’t count. 
But, I have received this particular award almost 7 times already and feel bad that I am not returning the favor. So, I decided to add a little twist to it.
I decided to give this award to people who inspired me in the past couple of months and whom I think of as absolute definition of creativity! They are very different people with very different interests, but the thing that brings them together in my eyes is they are my muses!
Sorry, I couldn’t stick to 10! 🙂
I say, thank you, for all the inspiration!

1. DimitranaS–  because in her kitchen there is no line between art and cooking!
2. Nana because she is always full of energy and she is not scared to try new things!
3.Creativebecause she is… well, the name says it all!
4. Bleshtuchkaher enthusiasm is contagious!
5. Bilianahere creativity is simply unnatural!
6. Ixelafor her hands made of gold!
7. Maria  – for the imagination and the talent!
8. Suzannefor simply being who she is, she charges me with positive energy!
9. New Art MamaShe came out of nowhere but she fast found a special place in my heart, because of her love for the beautiful!
10. Stephanie  – here art is so mesmerizing that you cannot simply take your eyes off of it!
11. Laurenabsolutely stunning works of art, that is what she does best!