Pink and blue Valentine’s day card for a challenge

This is the first card challenge I am going to make something for. 
I don’t know why I decided to make exactly this card, since it is with the color combination I dislike the most- blue and pink.
But..yesterday when I saw the challenge, I had this awesome idea about how I am going to make it and it was perfect! However, today I when I did start making the card…I couldn’t remember what I had in mind the day before! Argh…I wish I had the time to make it yesterday!!!
Well, I am an persistent ( some would say obstinate) person, so I had to make something.
It’s not my original idea, but still, take a look:
1. The card.
Pink and blue card0001
2. The white ribbon flower I made.
Pink and blue card0002

3. The drawing- this is one of the ” don’t try that at home” experiences. Drawing with white pen on dry pastel paper wasn’t a very smart thing to do. 
Pink and blue card0003

4. And the embellishments.
Pink and blue card0004

I made a second card for the same challenge, take a look: