How to make tabletop Martenici (Martenizi)

If you don’t know what Martenici is, you should probably take a look at my previous postings about the tradition, the story etc.
Martenici 2009
Martenici 2008
I first made Martenici for my kids in 2008, because thanks to the Bulgarian Post Services, the martenici my mom sent me arrived at the end of April.
 I had no idea what to use, I haven’t made any since I was a kid, but here is what I have used fro the last 2 years:
– red and white pom-poms( fuzz balls
-red and white yarn
– red and white pipe cleaners ( fuzzy sticks)
– red and white fun foamFantastic Fuzzy Sticks (Action Packs)
-red and white fabric,
red and white ribbons
– buttons, beads, artificial flowers etc.
You can use virtually anything you want!
This year I am going to participate in the ” Turn off your TV night” at my son’s school with “martenica-making” project. I am really excited that I can share this with the kids and I have plans on making it very special!
I wanted to bring to the school a large size Martenici, that can be a tabletop decoration, since I doubt there would be any place to hang ones that are for the wall.
Walking through the craft store I noticed the Styrofoam balls and cones that I  had an idea that would make wonderful tabletop decoration and even can be hanged on the wall.
I decided to try to make a tutorial on how you can make that too, so here is the result of my work yesterday.
The tabletop Martenici

The details 1

In a setting

Here is the VIDEO how to make these tabletop martenici!

I have made a lot of regular Martenici too, you’ll see pictures and maybe video on that tomorrow. 

hope you like them and they inspire you to make yours! If you use any of the ideas, please let me know! I would love to see what you have made!

If you decide to use any of the pictures or video, please have the courtesy of providing a backlink to my site!