Ellie and her elephant- my Valentine’s day surprise for my little girl

Еvery girl has a stuffed animal, that at some point is special for her. My little girl’s favorite toy is an elephant.
I was thinking since I drew a special cartoon character for Kalin – a black belt ladybug, I should do the same for Ellie too and the best way to make my little girl happy on this day I thought was to draw her with her best stuffed friend – the elephant Ellie ( yes, it has the same name! )
Here is what I came up with to to show this special relationship between a girl and her elephant!

1. The drawing, when I was still thinking what to put her to sit on, a bench sounded to trivial at the time.

2. Here is how the idea about the wall started taking shape

3. Here is the colored drawing, I used colored Prismacolor pencils. It would have been way better with Copics..I know. Sometime these days ….:-)

4. The card

5. The detail

6. The bling

7. Detail again


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