A black belt love-bug for Valentine’s day!

Ok, so most of you know my kid takes Tae Kwon Do classes but for those who don’t know- he is really into all kinds of martial arts. He earned his 3rd belt for the past 2 months yesterday and I am so proud of him that I had to make him a Valentine’s day card with a black belt! If you are a parent, you’ll know just why I HAD to! 🙂

His name is Kalin, but we call him Kalin-Ka which  means ladybug in Bulgarian. So, the picture definitely had to be a ladybug with a black belt, but where to get it from?! After I spend 30 min browsing through the web to find a nice image…I gave up and i decided to come up with one on my own.
So far so good, but I didn’t had the time to use watercolor ( all this happens 30 min before he gets back from school so I had to hurry) and the only thing I had in hand were a STAMP markers! Can you believe it?! Seriously, if anyone wants to make me a Copic markers present, please go ahead and do it !LoL

Anyway, this is what I came up with-
A black belt LoveBug0005
And this is how this card was born:

1. The drawing ( first pencil, then black pen)
A black belt LoveBug0001

2. The colored drawing( as I mentioned, stamp markers are not the best thing to use for coloring, I just didn’t have anything else at hand)
A black belt LoveBug0003

3. Bling-bling
A black belt LoveBug0008
4. The quote ( again, my idea!)
A black belt LoveBug0007

Not bad for a card made in 20 min, the drawing included, eh? 😉
* If you like the image and you want to use it, go ahead, but please, have the courtesy to link back to my blog. Thank you!