White on black- who knew it would be so magical!

Out of nowhere I developed the desire to draw white on black. I got myself some black drawing paper and a lot of different white gel, ink pens and even markers.
I started and I couldn’t stop!  I have so many now that I am not even sure what to do with them. One idea was to frame them, another to make them on stamps and use them as backgrounds.
What do you think?
I call them Mandala series, because after I finished the last mandala plate, I just started drawing these, every single day, at least one a day! I wouldn’t be able to show you all in one posting, so I’ll show you the rest in the course of the week.
1. This was the first one I drew. I was exploring the possibilities of a white marker. As you can see, by the end of the drawing the marker grew more gray than white.
2. This is the second “mandala”. I draw them in one siting, absolutely no idea what I am going to draw when I start, I just go with the feeling. I don’t use sketches, I don’t use rulers, just my hand, the pen and the paper.
3. I drew this one talking to my mom. Very emotional one! 
4. This one came out very different than I expected. I drew with the white marker, then covered the little white dots in the middle with fountain pen red ink and it looked absolutely stunning. Then the ink dried….and it faded so much, as from bright red, now it looks rather orange.
5. This is definitely not the ordinary mandala, but I feel it that way. My daughter said it looks like germs. LoL
You can see some more tomorrow!
I would really appreciate it if you share with me which ones you would like to see as background stamps!
Ако ви харесват рисунките, споделете кои от тях бихте искали да видите напавени като печати за фон!