White on black – more Mandala drawings

Most of you know that being sick sucks. What you don’t know is that sometimes it helps too. 
For example since I ‘ve been sick and frustrated that I am sick and can’t work, I made one of the most beautiful mandala drawings I’ve ever made. Why is that, I have no idea, but it’s working somehow. 
So, now while I’m still trying to fight off this virus and while my head feels as if it is 10 sizes bigger and heavier then usual, I’m distracting myself with scribbling mandala doodles all over the place. 
Let us get back where we left off before with the rest of the white on black mandala drawings.
As I mentioned in my previous post about these drawings, I don’t use any kind of ruler etc, I draw everything free hand!
1. Very “constellation” like :-), but I like it!

2. The EYE 🙂 It looks like ” Lord of the rings” kind of picture, don’t you think?
3. Here it comes, the “Frog prince” 🙂 I know these might not look like mandalas to you, but to me they have the same feeling, the same elements, it’s just a different view.
4. This one I absolutely love! Click on the pictures to see the details, it’s really the details that count!
5.This one I made after I watched “Avatar” 3D
WB Mandalas 20090006
It is difficult when you can’t see them in person, but the details are the ones that “take you in” and tell the story. See the pictures in my Flickr album enlarged and I am sure you’ll agree with me.

And the same question again- which ones would you like to see as stamps?
//Кои бихте искали да видите като печати за фон?//