Second Mandala Birch plate

Mandala plates10002

The process of creating this mandala is exactly the same as with the previous one, so I would not repeat myself, but I just wanted to say that although the process is the same, the actual creating of a particular woodburned piece can be so different. What I mean is that whenever I start, I don’t have an idea how things are going to look like at the end and that turns the process of creation into a journey of discovery. This makes it even more fun to do, because every time I surprise myself with the results and this can be very rewarding.

So, without further ado, here is the second mandala. 
This is how it started, from the center as usual, free hand drawing and then woodburning dot by dot. 
Mandala plates10015

The center is always so much fun to create! It opens up the whole thing like a blossoming flower!
Mandala plates10016
And this is how it looked like at the end.
Mandala plates10003

This was a very emotional mandala, I was quite distressed when I drew and woodburned it. It strikes me how much emotion can the mandalas represent! Stephanie mentions the same thing, whenever you are full of emotions, whether happy or sad, the mandalas become even more more stunning.

This is a very interesting fact indeed! Have you noticed anything like that with your work?

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