Oil paintings from couple of months ago

As I anticipated before, I had a very busy weekend!
Between October and December 2009 I have made 34 watercolors and about 15 oil paintings but I didn’t have the time to frame them so I can show them to you in all their glory. 🙂
So,this weekend apart from not being able to move around because of the terrible back pain I induced myself Saturday night by trying to pick up a piece of paper from the floor, I had to go frame hunting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love painting and all, it’s just the hours…and I am not kidding, of choosing a frame for a piece that bug me!
Is it normally this slow of a process or is it just me? Maybe because I am just starting and I don’t have the experience…I don’t know, but it takes forever! And since I couldn’t drive because of my back, all of my family had to be with me, which led to …hm…how should I put it lightly…a certain sort of tension especially with the kids. And they, poor souls by the end of the first hour were ready to walk on their hands to go home.

All in all, gave some of my oil paintings for framing ( gosh, who knew it is so expensive!) but most of the watercolors and oil paintings I framed myself.

I’ll be posting the ones that are ready in the course of next week. I still haven’t decided which ones to show at the art show, so if you think something should be shown in your opinion, I would be glad to consider it!

Some oil paintings for today, watercolors for tomorrow!

1. A 8″/10″ oil painting of flowers
Paintings Dec20090006

2. A 6″/8″ oil painting of a mountain, i don’t remember, this might have been a painted from a picture of the Adirondacks
Paintings Dec20090002

3. A second version of the same oil painting, again 6″/8″
Paintings Dec20090003

4. A 8″/10″ still life in black and white that I did in November.
Paintings Dec20090004