My paintings finally got frames!

I can finally show you most of my oil paintings! I admit I have couple more, that are either drying up or are in the store for framing, but I think you are going to like the look with frames!I have been meaning to do this forever, and finally ( mostly because of the art show) I decided to frame them and see how they look like. It is very difficult( to me at least) to judge the paintings appearance without a frame.
It’s like a good meal without a wine. If the food is good, it still would be good without the wine, but a good wine can compliment it in such a way as to leave you palate in awe!
So, here is what I have for you today!
1. ” Apples” – What a better way to start the day than with an apple? 🙂 Believe it or not, white is the only frame I could find for 9/12 painting. I guess I’ll have to stick painting for more popular sizes, so I can find frames easier.
2.This one I call ” Bulgarian spirit”– I was thinking about Bulgaria and the traditional handmade clay plates.
3. “Lilacs” you have seen before, but without the frame. I think it looks much better with it, don’t you?
4.” Rose of Prey” is another one you’ve seen without a frame. I am thinking of submitting this one for the art show. It’s not oil, it’s acrylic though.
I can’t wait to see how the ” Koi Fish” looks with a frame ! I hope to get it next week!