I need your help!

I am totally going bonkers today!
I am trying to figure out which one of the paintings should I have for the art show…and can’t decide. I want to have for sure 1 with flowers and one landscape. Overall I have to show 3 ( or 4 if Don is so good to let me) watercolors. 
Please, please, please help me out to decide!

So far I am down to these:
 No.1 ” Briar in a vase”
Paintings Dec20090011
 No.2″ Flower branch”
Paintings Dec20090016
No. 3″ Bird of Paradise”
No.4 ” Flower Basket”
Paintings Dec20090014
No.5″ Landscape with trees”
Paintings Dec20090012
No. 6 ” Winter forest”
No.7. “Field with birds”

Which 4 of these do you think I should show?
In Bulgarian/На български
Не мога да реша кои акварели да представя за изложбата и се нуждая от вашата помощ. Изберете 4 от показаните акварели и ми помогнете да реша!
Благодаря на всички!