Ellipse mandala

It turns out you can make mandala on ellipse wooden plaque!
I was looking at the piece of wood and I was wondering, what can I do with it…what can I do with it…and then it dawned on me! It doesn’t matter it’s ellipse, I can still make a mandala out of it!
So I started with a simple sketch as with all of my pyrographed pieces. If you are interested how I prepare the wood and do the sketches, I have explained the process here. 

I just love how the mandalas grow! First you create a center and from then on you just add new elements and it grows, and it grows..it’s amazing to see the finished product at the end! i

It’s like the mandalas are born, not made!

If you want to take a closer look, click on the pictures and you’ll see the Flickr version of the pictures enlarged and if you liked this mandala, you might like to see the mandala plate I made a couple of days ago.