Festive packaging

I promised I’ll post the paper boxes, that I decorated and here they are! I am sorry my recent posts have been so short, but I am in the middle of creating so many things, I can barely keep up posting everything! I think I need somebody to help me out with this, because too much stuff is waiting to be published and there is simply not enough time in the 24 hours I have to do everything I want. I am seriously thinking what can I do about it, I know that some bloggers hire other people to write instead of them, but unfortunately I don’t earn any money from mine to be able to afford the extra help. I’ll have to look into some options I think.

1. Papier mache large box with decoration that I used for the large candle holders
Christmas Cards3batch26

Christmas Cards3batch27

2. Medium size box for the smaller candle holders


3. Small size box with decoration Christmas2009Prep11

4. The smallest of the 4 boxes, with decoration.

5. Medium size box with Christmas decoration- ribbon and bells.


6. Gift card box with decoration in earth colors.

7. Gift card box with decoration in silver.

8. Gift card box with decoration in green and gold