Chtistmas cards ( to be continued…)

I was so busy the past week that I didn’t manage to post the last batch of cards I made and the boxes I did for Christmas presents.
1. A gift tag
Christmas Cards3batch1
2. Black, red and white sparkling card
Christmas Cards3batch2
3. Green Christmas tree card
Christmas Cards3batch3
4. Another traditional colored Christmas card
Christmas Cards3batch4
5. Snowflake card
Christmas Cards3batch6
6. “The belt of Santa Claus”
Christmas Cards3batch11
7. Yellow stars for Christmas
Christmas Cards3batch12
8. A game of green Christmas ornaments
Christmas Cards3batch13
9. Blue and green snowflakes
Christmas Cards3batch14
10. I tried to do some quilling, unfortunately without the proper instruments it’s very difficult to do it.
Christmas Cards3batch5
11. Another card with quilling elements
Christmas Cards3batch7
12. card with vellum and sparkling powder.
Christmas Cards3batch10
Christmas Cards3batch9
13. And here is another one with earthy design
Christmas Cards3batch8
I’ll post some boxes tomorrow to show you what kind of gift packaging I made for Christmas! 🙂