Cards with inspiration

I have no idea what is with the number 13 but it seams that I have inspiration for only 13 cards a day. If I make more than that…I’m pushing it, if I make less…well, it’s not enough. 🙂 So, here are the 13 cards I made this Sunday. 🙂

1. I enjoyed making these cards so much! It’s not like I had to rush as ever or making them, so I really, really love the results.

2. Very nice color this one, I love the orange and bluish-green combination.

3. Orange and white! Remember my cake with these colors? 🙂

4. Fall leaves

5. Flowers and birds

6. A pink and green card with vellum pocket full of miniature flowers.

7. Fall leaves again, different version. 🙂

8. Some quilling work, butterflies and “Indian” blue. I have no idea why, but this kind of pattern reminds me of India.

9. Roses in green

10. I am paying more attention to the flowers recently. I have never been a “flower” person, but I seem to enjoy making them. 🙂

11.One of my personal favorites, a true sense and sensibility card, don’t you think?

12. I call this card” Carmen”, very passionate, fiery one.

13. And the last one ( as a matter of fact that was the first one I made that day!) is this one, very sensual, serene…I love it!

I enjoy making this kind of cards…I love Christmas, but my Christmas cards were not “born” like these, they were “made”, and you can probably see the difference. I just realized I didn’t take pictures of the Christmas ornaments I woodburned last Saturday! OMG, I’ll do that right away and try to post tomorrow!