10 Watercolor pieces

I recently discovered that I enjoy very much making watercolor paintings. I have always been intimidated( or even scared) of watercolor because I always thought that it is very difficult to handle and you can’t allow yourself room to fix something if you make a mistake. Although I have worked with watercolor previously I never enjoyed it and that pretty much suffocated the creative side of me while handling the paint. All in all, it was experience that I meticulously tried to avoid whenever possible. I never took pleasure in it and there were 2 reasons for that- first, because I thought myself not gifted enough and second, because I lacked the knowledge and experience. Now, for the gifted side of the problem I couldn’t do much, but I decided to work on the second part concerning knowledge and experience. I signed up for a simple watercolor class, where I would learn the basics of working with this media. I found it quite a pleasurable experience, our teacher was great and I think now that I have better understanding of the way you work with this kind of material, things come more naturally and I no longer feel the discomfort of working with it. As a matter of fact it produces quite the opposite feelings- I enjoy it very much indeed! So I wanted to share with you the 10 watercolor paintings I made recently and I would be very pleased if you share your opinion on the subject and let me know which ones you enjoy the most.

1. A simple Bird of Paradise flower arrangement- now is the time to mention that one of the things I disliked in painting with watercolor was painting flowers! I challenged myself in making couple of flower paintings and to be honest I exceeded my expectations.



3. One of the most difficult things I ever experiences was painting snow. Painting this winter forest was very tricky.


4. The second flower arrangement I made.

5. Fall landscape, one of my first watercolors.

6. This one I made while looking at a picture our teacher brought to class.

7. One of the landscapes I painted.

8. Second landscape.

9. Landscape with birds.

10. And last landscape.

Let me know what you think!