The really really last batch of woodburned goodies! :-)

Ok, I know I said that the “last” one was last…but what can I do?! Every day I find more and more interesting things to woodburn. 🙂 So, basically a lady asked me to woodburn her a raccoon family and here is how it started:

1. First I made a very rough 5 min sketch of the family

2. Then the lady chose between 2 sizes of plaques( you can see how big they are compared to a pencil). She chose the bigger one.

3. Then the lady asked me to sketch them up to the waist, so here is the second sketch
Raccoons2nd batch2

4. So, this is what came out of it
Woodburned raccoons

And a close-up
Woodburned raccoons

Here is one more
Woodburned raccoons

Unfortunately the light wasn’t very good today and the pictures don’t to it justice, because in person the strokes with the woodburner look more like fur. One other thing that I did this week was finish the huge nutcracker that I’ve started last month and never had the chance to finish. Here he is! Isn’t he a beauty? See how big he is compared to the penny that is right next to his legs?

Woodburned Nutcracker

Well, I tried a bamboo candle holder for the first time, but unfortunately it had some kind of a coating on top of the bamboo and it was extremely hard to woodburn it. I had other design in mind, but what can you do.
Woodburned candle holder