My little birdie’s 1st day at school!

I can’t believe my son is in 1st grade! Were did the time go?! It was like yesterday he was in my arms, sleeping…little angel baby. ( Sigh) They grow up, we grow old… Anyway, it was very exciting for him and us of course, we got his teacher little something. It’s a Bulgarian tradition to bring something ( mostly flowers) to the teacher the first day of school. Since I have noticed nobody brings flowers in the US, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable by bringing a bouquet, but I still wanted him to give the teacher something, so this is what I came up with. When the teacher sent out a letter with the school supply list she mentioned that if someone wants to send more supplies would be great, so I decided to woodburn her a box and fill it with glue sticks. I thought this would be a personal enough gift, but useful as well. I made her a card and decorated the gift bag.

The box:



The card


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the gift bag, but you can see my son holding it.
1st Grade-Kalin004

I hope the teacher like it! 🙂