Back from the craft festival!

Hi, I’m back and I’m knocking ( as Mr Opportunity says)! I survived! I can’t believe that I did it! Really! It wasn’t as scary as I thought at all! I was a little discouraged at the beginning but it picked up slowly and by the end of the day I’ve sold 1/2 of what I’ve brought, which I think is good! 🙂 Pointers for those who consider going on a craft festival: – bring a lot of bags ( by the end of the day I barely had one left) – bring a lot of business cards ( I brought 100 and they didn’t last 4 hours!) – bring an extra bottle of water- I run out of water but since I was by myself I couldn’t leave my place. – no matter how much change you think of bringing, double that! 🙂 It was great actually, but I feel exhausted! I mean all this stress because I had so little time to prepare and the questions ” Is it enough?” and ” Is it too much?” were bugging me for the past 2 months! But I am so glad it’s over! Now I can start planing the next one! 🙂 I have a couple of pictures, I apologize for the quality, but what can you do…I am person that loves to be behind the camera, not in front of it 🙂

Here is one:
Carrot festival09029
And here is a very smudged image of me 🙂
Carrot festival09028
And here is my booth:
Carrot festival09027
Carrot festival09026
Carrot festival09024
I have a lot more cards to show you, I’ve actually managed to finish all 14 I was supposed to yesterday before the festival and I even made 3 more! Not bad for a day’s work 🙂 But I am drained, I really need to rest, because the last 2 days I had total 4 hours of sleep! So, tomorrow- more cards! Enjoy the Fall, my favorite season!