5th batch of cards for the festival!

I can’t believe I have a week more to the festival! I just received the paperwork and the map where my spot is! I am so excited!!! If you want to check out the next batches of cards, try here: 1st part 2nd part, 3rd part, 4th part, part 6, part 7 and the last 8th part.

1. Something in pink – I am not a huge pink fan, but I like this card. I used some ribbon, some fabric like paper ( for the flower), buttons and I made the ” little card” design with a silicon stamp.

2. I’ve spend so much time on this card that I am even ashamed to admit 🙂 I “made” the door out of regular cardstock, all the patterns, the cracks etc. Then the sign, regular paper again. The castle is a drawing, I started with an idea and then changed it to another. The branches are made with punch. The castle is sparkly, I think it’s more visible on the next picture.



3. Very simple but elegant

4. Travel with style :-)- a cute airplane for boys. The airplane is a pencil + gel pen drawing.


5. A green-pink combination, very cheerful, inspirational 🙂 The quote is a stamp.

6. As pink as a piggy :-), again- gel pen and pencils drawing.

7. A bunch of ladybugs. I am very proud with this one! I really like this kind of simple but meaningful cards. The ladybugs are buttons.


8. Since we are talking about ladybugs, take a look at this orange and pink card.


9. A hungry dog with bones on his mind. The dog is gel pen and pencils drawing.