3rd batch of cards for the festival

Here is the next batch of cards I’ve made for the festival.

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1. For some reason I really like better the cards with earth colors more. The trinket on the side is made with dove punch, the yellow cardstock is regular, the brown one is with small lines ( but it’s not a handmade paper!. The gold ribbon is paper, and the small transparent yellow-ish ribbon is fabric. I used a silicon stamp for the leaves and then draw with gel pens on top of it.

2. This is my favorite! The green cardstock is regular cardstock that I made look like that by “burning” the edges with ink, filing with a nail file, coloring with different inks and sponge ( blue and black). The butterfly is made with pencils on a white cardstock. The beige and brown paper are handmade paper ( the one that I used for the folding card in the previous batch) and it’s the same paper, just different sides. I’ve scored the brown one way then drew with gel pen on top, the beige paper is scored 2 ways ( to make like little boxes) and I drew with a gold gel pen on top.
The flower is from paper, as I drew on top of it and scored it with the ScorPal, the leaves are handmade paper+ pencil+ gel pen.

I’ve glued a different color paper on the inside as you can see.

3. One of my favorites again! The brown cardstock is scored and filed after, I drew on top of the bird with sparkly gel pens and pencils.

4. I like the bird ones. This birs is cut and glues to the paper, then I made ” shades” with pencils as to look like it isn’t. I drew with pencils and gel pens on to pof it. The edge is made with a Martha Stewart punch.

5. This card is so small that it was slipping every time I tried to take a picture of it! Unfortunately it looks like the edges are not straight on the picture, but they are, it’s just the picture was taken right before it fell again. I was shooting all pictures on the couch and the result wasn’t very good. :-/

This is how it opens with different kinds of paper on the inside as well:

And that’s all for today, more cards tomorrow 🙂