A dream come true

Koi Fish 48 36"/48"

Since I was very little I had a dream of painting with oil paint. My parents didn’t allow me because we lived in a very small apartment and there wasn’t enough space even for an easel and my mom was terrified of the smell. When I was applying for the art high school back in Bulgaria, you had to have a health clearance from a health practitioner that you don’t have any allergies, otherwise you just can’t get in. There was no way I could go around that but we tried and the principle agreed that, they would accept my application but on one condition – I am not doing any oil paint. It was devastating. That’s all I wanted to do! I couldn’t find a place to do it- not at home, not at school… Well it so turned out that they’ve moved the art high school and I couldn’t travel, so I finished my first year there and I had to move in another school. It was unbelievable experience and I was really sad when I had to leave. But why am I telling you this? Remember the ” 30 things to do before going 30″ that I told you about around my last birthday? Well,I made my list and painting an oil painting almost as high as me ( 5’2″) is one of my 30 things. My husband gave me the surprise of a lifetime, when he bought me a beautiful, gorgeous easel for Mother’s day as well as a 36″/48″ canvas piece. I just love Koi fish and I’ve been meaning to paint some for quite a while. You know, my mom and her Feng shui has definitely rubbed on me 🙂

My first oil painting 36"/48"

I am officially addicted! I couldn’t stop! Literally! The same day (did I mention I was sick at the time) I started a second painting- beautiful lilacs that I am going to show you later. I so much appreciate what my husband did! This is a real dream come true!!! Thank you so much, honey!!! I love you!!!