August rush

Hi all,
I don’t have a cake or recipe now ( hey we’ve got all winter for that 😉 ), but next week is my daughter’s birthday, so I’ll have one ” Dora the Explorer” cake coming right up!
The bad news is that since I had the stupid accident my arm has been giving me some trouble and my doctor thinks it can be a Carpal Tunnel or something. Now I am wearing this horrible thing on my arm that I can barely move it with, so wish me luck, because this is going to be a difficult cake to manage with one arm. At times like this I wish I was left handed!
Well, what can you do, I just hope that after the cake I am not back to square one with the recovery process.
In the mean time I want to show you something I did for a very close friend of mine.
She just graduated with her Masters degree ( Congratulations, Kelly!!!) and I made her something special:

And for her graduation party I made myself a hat ( me, the person that NEVER wears a hat):

I must admit I really enjoyed making the hat and I really think this is going to be something I’ll do again!
I just need occasions to wear them ( or at least something to tell my husband when he looks at the credit card statements 😉 ). I hope somebody gets married soon! LoL
See you guys next week, I hope I have more stuff for you! 🙂