Scrapbook trouble

Hi all,
I am so tired I can’t even begin to describe…
The last couple of days I had so much to do, that I couldn’t go to bed earlier than 2 am. My latest “thing” is my son’s biography that I had to make for his birthday at school. The teacher is going to show it in class and read it while they are celebrating.
For me the idea came spontaneously= pictures + biography=scrapbook. Yeah, awesome idea you’ll say, but who the hell made me start it!!! I ordered the pictures, I have some materials and album, I have the idea, but it is SO TIME CONSUMING! I have 24 pages to make until the end of the week and so far, I have only 2 ready, and they are not even as ready as I wish! I can’t work while the little ones are awake, because scrapbooking if you don’t know is all about SCRAP! And scrap usually have the tendency to “explode” when given a chance and when you combine this with newer versions of Dennis the Menace multiplied by 2, it equals non the less an avalanche of work for Mommy, a lot of ” no-no’s” and ” don’t do this”, followed by the least appropriate words for children’s ears. And a lot of them! 🙂
Nooooo, THANK YOU!
Well, I am so discouraged I am not going to be able to finish it on time, but I still have to try. Here is the first “unfortunate” pages of the scrapbook.

To be honest, I don’t like them 🙁 I was so sleepy and tired, that now I see couple of the things are not leveled, the whole idea is not like I wanted it to be, but it is late now. Hopefully I will be less tired for the next ones 🙁
I have 6 more days…to be able to make almost 4 pages per day, and I really can’t see this happening, but wish me luck! I always had the ability to try to dealwith more than I can handle at the moment, but this time….this time guys I am in quite a pickle!

Oh, and have in mind that the red, white and black thing around the edge is the cover of the album, it is not a part of the page.
This is the ” get to know me” part:

And one last little thing, did I mention I’ve never done scrapbooking before?
This part is about birth and the first month, I don’t have too much pictures available from then, so I had to improvise.

You can see the second part of pages here