The new Purple-Violet Bathroom

I’ve read in a design magazine that the color of this year is violet, but that was not the reason to paint ours like that. I used this color because this is my favorite color 🙂
I was dreading this bathroom renovation since the day we moved in, because I knew that we will have to remove all the wallpaper the previous owners used. Big, big, HUGE mistake! Wallpaper in the bathroom is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced since the carpet in the main bathroom, where the tub and shower are ( our previous house). I’ve scraped wallpaper before but I’ve never seen anything like this! I don’t know what kind of glue was used to put the wallpaper up, but we had a hell of a time taking it down! It took us almost 24 hours to do it and in the middle of work we finally gave up and bought wallpaper scraping supplies :
– the wallpaper remover
– the paper tiger
– and last but not least the wallpaper removing solution
All in all, the whole nine yards of wall-paper scraping.
After we scraped the wallpaper, we washed( I don’t even remember how many times, but more than 5 for sure)the walls to remove all the glue left, so we can paint on top of it.
Then we applied no-mold and mildew premier and we painted on top.
This is how the bathroom looked like before we painted it:

I always liked warm colors for the bathroom so I was adamant that we are going to have warm shade of violet. Unbelievably my camera stoped working properly ( I am looking for new one now) the exact same day. So basically, the color you see on the pictures is not the same as on the wall. I tried fixing them in PS ( PhotoShop) but unfortunately I had so much work to finish, that eventually I gave up the idea and left them like that.
Before you see the pictures after the renovation, I want to mention, that all the colors are the same color palette– the walls and bathroom cabinet are the same, the towels are a shade lighter, it just looks different from the light ( and my camera).
So this is what became of our bathroom after I was finished with it 🙂 :

I have painted the bathroom cabinet the same color as the walls
All our things that were on the countertop I put in baskets ( which coordinated with the whole beach-romantic idea), and I have to tell you this was one of the wisest things I ever did, because now when I need to clean under all the little boxes and bottles I just move up the basket and I am done! No more cleaning bit by bit!

This wall design was made by me from fabric, ribbon and sea stars. I had the same idea for a seashell one, but the sea stars were the same color as the baskets on the countertop, so it was better I thought to be in the same color palette.

Here the basket, the bath rugs and the towels are the same color, not that it looks like that on the picture 🙂
This is the same hat I had before ( idea of the previous owners, but I actually liked it), I just update it with some ribbons, thin silk rope, little stones, seashells and fabric.
The hat does not look as shiny as on the pictures…but my camera again….
These seashell “pictures” were made by me as well from real seashells, stones and sand.
And that’s all folks 🙂
I would be extremely happy to read your comments, I can’t get it why I have such large traffic to my blog, but nobody comments anything.
Even if you don’t like it, tell me what you think!