Up and running + a 30%OFF Inkubook coupon!

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I am flying! Seriously!
My Christmas came early this year- one Quad core, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, 23″ and a ton of husband’s love later I am extremely happy!
I think I finally found the solution to my never ending computer problems!

Anyway, I announce that we had a deal with my better half-if I ever ( and mean EVER) start complaining about my new computer he has the right to install Linux on it without further authorization from me!
Here, I said it, it’s official!

I mean, I don’t work for NASA after all, quad core should suffice! :LoL

So, to celebrate the good news, I have good news for all of you last-minute-present givers! Yes, I mean, YOU right there, the store-roaming, bag-hauling, over-present-stressing people, your problems are over!

Inkubook.com has a big promotion going on for the year’s end and they are giving a – 30% OFF coupon until Dec, 31st.
Let me say it again….Inkubook! 30% OFF!!!!!

Isn’t this awesome?! I already ordered my gifts for the grandparents, so it’s your turn! I mean after all what could be a better present for your a grandparent than an “awwwwwwww…” and “ahhhhhhhhhh….” album with pictures of their grandkids?

The COUPON code is : YEAREND30
Valid through: Dec 31st for photobooks and calendars.

So, while I’m trying to figure out how to make more videos for you with my new camera and while I’m cooking a post about my new workspace ( I got a new desk and a couple of shelves,we moved furniture around of course, my husband’s favorite endeavor ;-), wait for my Christmas cookie post, which would give you a glimpse of the Chamber of torture Bakery, where I baked 275 cookies, sheet by sheet for 8 hours!

Ta-ta for now!!!