Copy of Annie20054
Dear friends,
You have probably noticed that I haven’t posted very much this last week.
The reason to it is that Christmas time this year repeats the unfortunate pattern from last year and brought me a great deal of concerns with a health issue, which prevents me from working.
It grieves me deeply that at this especially inspiring for me season I won’t be able to work on the projects I have planned and promised you all to publish, but my main goal right now is to get better and hopefully to completely reverse the current situation.
I want to assure you though that I would continue posting on the blog, I have many pictures and postings that have been waiting to be published for quite some time. So don’t worry, you wouldn’t have the chance to notice anything is different, except that I won’t be able to finish some of the projects I started.
I would keep my postings for the next week or so short, because I can’t stay on the computer too long, but I want you to know that I’m here and I’ll continue to find ways to publish informative and inspiring content for you to enjoy!

I also wanted to thank you, all of you who wrote me in the last couple of days wishing me faster recovery, I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers for me and my family!

Have a wonderful holiday season!