I am looking for Theresa!!!

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There was a glitch in my blog that lost me some e-mails and I just got them back, so if you have written me and you didn’t get an answer you will today!
I am not the sort of person who wouldn’t help out if they have the chance and I feel really bad that this happened!

I’ve already answered all people who wrote me. However, I am having trouble with one of the e-mails I’ve received. No matter how many times I tried, the e-mail kept coming back! So, if Theresa, who asked me about the Despereaux soup reads this, please contact me again!

I’ll publish my answer just in case you can’t write me back!

“….Hello Theresa,
first of all I want to sincerely apologize that I’ve missed your message! Unfortunately there was some problem with my site and I just found a ton of e-mails that I didn’t even know existed until now!
I know that it probably is too late for your party and I wish I was able to help you out sooner, but still I wanted to try to make it up to you by at least answering your question!
Unfortunately, I haven’t read the Tale of Despereaux book, so I have no idea how the recipe is described there, but the recipe I “made up” was a result of me watching very carefully what the cooks put in the soup when making the movie.

What is fortunate however, is that all the three ingredients you have listed – chicken, garlic and watercress are not going to change the color drastically. I would advise you to use just a little watercress, because he can stain the soup more greener than needed ( not more than a teaspoonful).

Boil chicken breast, then take it out and boil the vegetables in the chicken stock according to recipe. Then cut the pieces to look square ( or rectangle) and add to the soup before serving. It is going to have even better taste.
Everything else is supposed to be by the recipe.

I didn’t dare use any meat before, since it wasn’t in the movie, but you are giving me a great idea! I actually am going to make it again, with your addition and I’ll see how it turns out.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and for sending me a message and I hope you would forgive me answering you so late!
Have a wonderful day,

I am really sorry about this,unfortunately computers are not a thing you can completely rely on! I sincerely hope it wouldn’t happen again!

Have a wonderful day, everybody!