Welcome to Annie’s Art Book!

Copy of Annie20054Dear Friends,

Welcome to my new ( and first) official website!

I have been extremely busy recently, trying to put everything together with the priceless help of my darling husband and my personal, lovely and patient web designer Kornelia and I have a lot of cool and interesting stuff to show you that just waits to be uploaded! So be patient and check often, because I have a lot of postings that are ready and waiting in line! 🙂

My website is not completely finished at the moment,and we will continue to improve it, I promise!

Let me know what you think about the new design! Your opinion is very important to me and I would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

-What is the same?

– You can still reach me from my blog link http://tandoorisjourney.blogspot.com as before, but whenever you do, you would see my new page www.anniesartbook.com.

– You can subscribe to my blog the same way you did before, but there would be couple of more options as well ( follow me on Facebook, Twitter maybe etc).

– What is new?

– Now you can enjoy reading only the postings in the area you are interested in. For example, if you want to read only about cakes, you subscribe for the Cake part of the website only.

– Another thing is the new and improved menu, that is going to show you which part are you in at present- Art&Craft, Cakes, Food or Life. When you click on Cakes for example, a submenu would open and reveal the new subcategories in that part. This would make the browsing much more easier!

– A lot of reviews and tutorials! That is the new feature I’ve been having the idea to implement in the website since forever. I’m working very hard on the posts, so don’t be discouraged if there isn’t anything there at the moment. I am working on step-by-step pictures, videos, book reviews, product reviews that are connected with the things I’ve done.

– I would post much more ( and I mean it ) often than before. My goal is to post every day in at least one category and I am ready to invest more time and effort in my blog.

I’ll ask your opinion more often, I’ll have a poll on each part of the website but I am expecting you to let me know what you think, what you want to see, what you like or dislike etc.

Write to me people and tell me what you think!

– At the bottom of this page you can see the most recent posting I’ve posted ( regardless of the category), so you can always be up to date with the new things I post without having to check all categories separately.

– You can shop here as well! I have new ads, with products especially selected for you by me. Check out my new Amazon shop in the Cakes category as well!

I hope you enjoy the new look and the more organized content!

We are still working on it to make it even better!