A new pencil box for Kalin

How much does it take to make a child happy?
I’ll tell you- a wooden box and a bunch of color pencils.
Since I woodburned Ellie’s heart shaped box, Kalin has been bugging me to make him something too.
We looked and looked and looked….and looked. He couldn’t decide.
Finally he said he wants a pencil box where he can store his new pencils.
After he changed his opinion on the way the box should like million times, he decided on giraffe and palm trees pattern ( beats me why the 2 together but it’s what he wanted).

This is Ellie’s box:
A box for my daughter

A box for my daughter

And this is Kalin’s box:

Kalin's pencil box

I had trouble figuring out how to make it, and I was overwhelmed by the size of the box, but that’s what I came up with.

Kalin's pencil box

The whole thing was much easier and less time consuming than I initially expected.

Kalin's pencil box
Kalin even draw me a picture to show me what he wants on the box 🙂
The Giraffe pattern Kalin wanted for his pencil box
How can you resist on a instruction sheet like that? 🙂