Ice Age 2008

Frozen pine tree

When I wrote about me wining the cake competition on Tuesday I was imagining this wonderful weekend, full of cinnamon smell, warm cookies, baked marshmallows, gift wrapping and stories by the fire.
Our week starting from Wednesday until today ( Monday) turned out quite different.
Tuesday the weather was bad, but this is usual here, so nobody paid attention, but when our power went out on Wednesday that was the beginning of the end of my “dreamy” weekend.
Such an ice storm wasn’t seen around here in 20 something years!
Well, we got lucky!
And I mean, seriously! There were people injured from failing trees, cars broken, roofs pierced by collapsing trees, no heat, no warm water, flooding, closed roads…
Governor Patterson said we are in a state of disaster, not even emergency.
It was quite a trial, but again- WE GOT LUCKY!
We were 4 days with no electricity, this is our 6 day with no hot water, probably because of the flood our 2 year old water heater is not starting and the plumber was so busy he couldn’t come earlier than tomorrow…
It’s a mess, but still, we checked in a hotel with the dog ( I was so worried what we are going to do, but it turns out that there are hotels, and good ones, that take people with dogs).
The kids had a blast of course, they had the pool in the hotel 🙂 and the whole thing was “very exciting”.
How easy is for something like this to shatter your perfect little world in seconds!
I didn’t take that much pictures, because it was dangerous to stay outside, there were trees falling, even a branch fell next to me while I was shooting with the camera, so I got inside.
It was ( and still is) incredibly beautiful though!!! I can’t believe something so scary can be so beautiful at the same time!
See for yourself here.
( Everything that you see on the pictures is ice, not snow!)
I just hope we are going to get lucky and get some hot water tomorrow!
Stay warm!