When Monday is Tuesday

Did I say I was going to throw a party when this month is over? No?! Hm, I thought I did, but maybe this is one of the gazillion things I’ve forgotten lately.
9:00 pm- I am seating peacefully ( for the first time today) at the table, eating ice cream and thinking how I am going to go to bed earlier today, when the phone rang.
A very close friend of mine called me and in the usual chit-chat manner we swapped information about our kids ( the same age). What a coincidence! The other kid and my son are having their first “graduation” tomorrow! Very exciting! Even the parents from my school are organizing something like a small party after school at the park. And then….then it dawned on me! I FORGOT THE PRESENT FOR THE TEACHER!!!
What was I thinking!!! I totally forgot I had to give her something tomorrow!
So, I jumped in the car, bought couple of things and in an instant I had a gift basket with a Bulgarian table cloth, a wooden plate with the Varna cathedral and couple of other things.

Then I made a special card for our special teacher.

If my son was awake, I would have involved him, but unfortunately he was sleeping at that time. As a matter of fact, so was I ( I was so tired I’ve almost broke my jaw from yawning).
Thank goodness I had enough things for the card, U think this scaprbooking thing is starting to pay off 🙂 I don’t know if it is obvious from the picture, but the green thingy is not glued, as well as the white bottom page.

And here is one more:

I promised I’ll post the recipes for the cake, I didn’t forget! I promise I will do it this week.