Father’s Day surprise

One of the surprises we had for our Daddy was that we decided to give him his presents today instead of Sunday( mostly due to safety reasons for keeping the presents undiscovered).
We were thinking really hard what to give him and finally we came up with the idea! We made him a poster size scrapbook “blog page” with a poem that we wrote for him.
This is the page:
This is the poem:

“To be a Dad is job demanding
and you need to have an understanding
That diplomas do not count that much
a lot of times you count on hunch.

To be a Dad it means you’re there
when the life is not that fair.
To be a Dad it means you know
to heal two boo-boos in a row.

You’ll wipe a nose and play a hero
then learn to count from ten to zero.
You’ll wish there was a manual
and even better if it’s annual.

You’ll read bedtime stories half asleep,
and then give hugs so they won’t weep
that “poor monster” turned up dead,
a story you wish you haven’t read.

To be a Dad is wonderful, yet scary
It means you’ll play with cars and fairies.
You’ll have to learn to braid girl’s hair
combine boy socks to get a pair.

No Friday night, no Sunday morning
you don’t get a fair warning.
No holidays and benefits as well,
not even Linux laptop from Dell.

You’ll have on speed dial 911,
invite the firefighters to have fun
in you back yard halfway burned
and deal with neighbours half-concerned.

Kids will leave you hardly any hair
and sometimes you might gasp for air
But the love they’ll give you is so much
that you’ve hardly dreamed of such!”

I also came up with the idea to have a ” Poll” and ” Featured articles” on the “blog page”.

This was the poll:

Does your Dad get upset

when you play with his new laptop?

  1. Only when when I play

    with it in the bathtub – 32%

  2. He was OK, before I changed

    all his passwords- 10%

  3. What he doesn’t know

    can’t hurt him- 25%

  4. I don’t know, we’ll find out


  5. That was his new laptop?! -28%

And these were the featured articles:

1.” How to lose your Dad’s patience in 5 minutes and to live ( happily) after”
2.” Why does Daddy wear earmuffs at home?”
3.” How to convince Daddy that Play Station is a sport”
4. “Sleepover survival guide for Dads”
5. ” 10 ways to keep your boyfriend alive”
6. “Dad’s series of unfortunate events when Mom’s not home”
7. ” Dad Factor-charisma or a shot gun”
8. “Who let the Dad out?”

Our second gift was a coffee mug that he can take to work, because until now there was coffee stains all over the car:

Stay tuned for the cakes recipes ( finally) that I promised!
Happy Father’s Day