The Garden that did not die!

It is a wonderful Spring day! At last!!! I was dying for a little bit of sun!
Do you sometimes give flowers as a gift? Do you have a friend that always “kills” the flowers you give them? Well, that’s me! I can never grow anything, no matter how hard I try! In fact, I think it is some sort of special gift some people have- growing stuff! But I am nothing like my mom. She on the other hand is an excellent gardener! She had a huge winter garden on her balcony of her apartment and I have to tell you, whatever she touched- it grew!
I’ve tried talking to the plants, I’ve tried watering them, “feeding”them special food. No luck!
Can you believe that in my hands even the simplest cactus died?! I don’t think this has ever been known to happen before I came in 🙂
My picture has to be posted on the front page of the ” Botanical heaven today” with a ” Beware plants!” sign!
Anyway..that is why I am SOOOO PROUD of myself that not only I didn’t manage to wipe from the face of the earth the garden we inherited from the previous owners of the house, but in fact I made it better than it was!
Now, don’t expect miracles, I am not saying it is the best garden in the world, but still, it is something I never knew can happen!
And until now I never knew why my mom was so appreciative of her plants, of the simple act of “giving life” to them. Now I do, and it awesome!
The picture is of some of the flowers from my garden!