The new Bedroom

We have finished the bedroom as well, but the bad news is that the pictures are as bad as can be. I am really sorry, I am really hoping to upgrade this week to something better as a camera, but these are the pictures now.
The walls before were bright yellow, horrible color for bedroom, since yellow is known for “making you hungry” and “alert”, two bad things for a bedroom 😉
Ever since we painted I definitely sleep better ( but that might be the exhaustion from the renovation too ;-))!
We have finally changed the headboard for a king size one ( the old one I liked very much but it was queen size and we couldn’t use it with the King size mattress), we rearranged the bedroom as you can see, now the bed is on the south wall ( as I initially wanted), not on the west one as before. I removed the mirror from the bedroom, one thing I never used it, since I have a big one in the bathroom, another thing is that Feng Shui says if a mirror is reflecting the bed in the bedroom this is not bringing a good energy.
I am supposed to have a painting on the wall where the the vase is , but I didn’t have time, when I do, I am going to update it.
This is how the bedroom looked before:
I hated these blinds, they gave me the feeling I was sleeping in the office. I am so glad we finally got rid of them!

Here the bed is on the west wall where the door was.

And this is how the bedroom look now:

The wall color is almond paste, very soft and soothing color. I wanted to make the bedroom a place to relax and get rest, so I chose colors that make me feel that way. The drapes are champagne color, the shawl on top of them is honey color.
The pictures on the wall are bamboo ones, and are actually one that I’ve cut in two pieces.
The vase is two colors- dark brown and very dark red. Here is supposed to be hanging the missing picture I have to draw 🙂
Now, when you look at my renovation pictures, have in mind that I am on a very limited budget and I can’t afford to change furniture so I am looking for more of a refreshing and updated look, as opposed to completely new look( achievable only with completely new furniture), which I would love to have but the situation is not there yet.
And that is it! Three down, four more to go! Wish me luck, because I will need it 🙂