Crazy Frog

Now I don’t want you to start thinking I am not going to post for a long time since I am remodeling ( and renovating 🙂 ). Not at all!
I am actually going to show you what I am doing, maybe it will be helpful, maybe you can get some new ideas.
The thing is, that my uncle does not have a Rockefeller as a last name, so when I am saying I am remodeling/renovating, this means I am trying to make apple tart from bread crumbs, in other words I am trying to spend as little as possible. Considering our basement was flooded twice this month, not good.
Anyway, when we first came to see our house ( before we bought it) I was really surprised to see that it didn’t have a color at all! Almost all of the walls were off-white ( possibly time and dirt helped a lot for the off part) and I was already thinking, which wall will be what color.
Now, almost 18 months later I finally got the chance to redo the first room- the kids restroom.
Because I always take into account the Feng Shui side of the renovation, the colours for this room were green and/or blue, so the frog theme that I came up with was a natural choice.
Before the room was in off-yellow color with some kind of daisies on the walls ( I had a hell of a time taking these off) and a daisy wreath. It was very bla(h)nd.

To be honest, I hated it. That is why I was very happy when I painted and redecorated it.

One of the things I hated was that it was very inconvenient for small children. The mirror was “over the rainbow”/ way up high, my kids couldn’t use the shelves, because they couldn’t reach them, the face cloths were high too. Now I am happy because they can use everything there!

I wanted it to be bright coloured, happy, live, crazy if you like. I wanted the kids to scream from delight when they see it.

And they did 🙂
I painted the picture with the frogs on the wall, I was so tired ( 11 pm), but I wanted the whole thing finished the same day, so it’s not one of my best, but it works for now. I can always paint something else later 🙂