Breastfeeding- the Battle for surviving!

Since I read the heated discussion on about breastfeeding in public I was so eager to reply to some of the posts that I decided to give all the people that want to discuss this further the opportunity to do it here on my blog. This way we would not disturb the people who are trying to sell and buy things on Craigslist.
It is so extremely rear to see a breastfeeding mother that I am actually surprised somebody can have a problem with that! The breastfeeding mother should be treated like a precious treasure, not like a criminal!
I can see the point of people, who would mind indecent exposure in public places but each and every breastfeeding mother that I know is extremely discreet about it.
Even me, in my (almost) 2.5 years total( so far) of breastfeeding, I have NEVER had a “flashing” accident. Most breastfeeding mothers are indeed very shy and feel uncomfortable enough about breastfeeding in public ( as a matter of fact I know many who gave it up and started giving formula because of that) so you really don’t have to give them even more hard time!
On the other hand I just hate the nosy people that stare at you while you are trying to feed your child looking anxiously to find something ” that does not seem quite right” – in your position, or clothes, or skin or whatever and nod their heads in disapproval, waiting for an opportunity to attack you.
Covering up ( in my experience) works only with small babies (, what about the children above 1 year? I am still breastfeeding and I have a daughter that is 16 months, should I drag her in the restroom to eat or should I throw a blanket above her head?
Seriously, can you force your 2 year old with a blanket on their head while eating a burger, just because my child is vegetarian?
As a matter of fact, I don’t see the nature function of the breast to be more difficult to explain than the the boobs of Angelina Jolie staring at you from the cover of a magazine too!
I can’t understand why so many people are making the breastfeeding mothers miserable, but nobody is saying anything when they see a mother feeding her child formula, which is a way worse than indecent exposure, talking about the psychological and physiological benefits for our ( older) children?
The pressure that the public opinion applies on the mother that wants to breastfeed is not deserved, nor even justified and is the main reason many mothers give up even on trying to breastfeed their children. Very beneficial for the formula companies, don’t you think?
Tell me your opinion!

P.S By the way, do you know what kind of a “family/nursing” room they have at Crossgates Mall? Last time I was there they did not have any, only a couple of benches you can sit on in public.

P.P.S: I apologise for the ad at the end of the posting, have NO idea how it got there and I am trying for 3 days to remove the damned thing, so far no luck, but I am working on it!