Yesterday we were playing ” Buzz Lightyear and evil Zurg” ( a game Alex invented for the sake of the peace at home) and I’ve noticed how quickly the Fall came this year! I know it is not officially Fall, but all the leaves and the cold weather tell me other.
We had so much fallen leaves on our front lawn, that in the spur of the moment we decided we are going to take some home, to let them dry and make postcards or pictures with them. Two years ago we collected so many leaves, left them to dry but then we moved and never had the time to actually do something with them. So we started to select the best leaves, red, green, yellow, brown, even black. So colorful and beautiful! Well, I have to admit at some point the only one excited about the leaves was me :-), but that’s just because I have just shown my son how to climb trees( my favorite thing when I was a kid), so he had an excuse :-). My daughter? Well she prefers to “try” ( eat, nibble, whatever you like to call it) everything new and interesting, but maybe she was just hungry.
Anyway, we took the leaves home, put them in one of these BIG Yellow pages catalogs and left them dry.
Now while we ALL are waiting for them to dry, let me tell you something about these catalogs and all the junk mail we are getting! ( Now you’ve got me going!)
WHO ON EARTH ever uses them and most importantly WHY these people continue to put trees to waste just to send so many of them to us, so they could rotten on the porch sun and rain for two weeks, before somebody eventually remembers to bring them in, put them in a box in the basement, or just start the fire in the fireplace during the winter with them?!
I remember getting one of these “Save the trees” brochures, with SO MUCH PAPER in them, and they are sending them randomly to so many people!
For goodness sake, people, stop for a second and THINK what are people doing with all this paper you are sending them! They THROW AWAY, they BURN, they SHRED, but the bottom line is IT IS ALL TO WASTE, and the thought is YOU are saying you are TRYING to save the goddamn trees! You don’t need Al Gore to tell you this ( do you?), it’s not rocket science- STOP SENDING USELESS INFORMATION ON PAPER!
Deep breath, the leaves are already dry!
We took them and we made these pictures,I am posting here, I hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun making them.
And while you are enjoying them, think of all the beautiful trees out there, that are going to be wasted just so you can get your bank statement in writing for example, go on your bank’s website and subscribe for the “online banking”, “paperless statements” or whatever they call it, and DO SOMETHING that would help your grandchildren to enjoy the dry leaves picture making 20 years from now, the way your kids do!