Are you a responsible person?

You can relax, I am not giving you one of those tests from which you can “find out” if you are responsible. It is not a ” funny” story too, so if you don’t feel like feeling depressed ( or responsible) today, better stop reading right now!
It is sad, but it is important.
At least for me, and I really hope for you too.
Today a friend of mine sent me an e-mail with the story of this 5yr old boy, who wanted to buy his dying mom a doll, to take it with her when she dies, so she can give it to his little sister that passed away couple of days ago. Both, mother and daughter were victims of a car accident. A drunk driver hit their car, the girl died instantly, the mother passed away couple of days later.
Yes, you read, you weep, you send to your friends and then you forget.
That is what usually happens to this kind of e-mails.
I know it is a trivial story. Somebody died in a car accident. It happens every day. Not only once a day, MANY more times than you could think of. But we are “used” to it. We see it every day on the news, on the streets, but we can’t relate to it, because it is not our story.
It isn’t my story ( Thank God for that!) but it could be! It isn’t your story, but it could be as well !
I don’t want something bad to happen to me or to the people I love, so I can start thinking about this and that is why I wanted to share this with you.
Not only because I am a mother of almost 5 yr old boy and a little girl, and that I am taking my road test in couple of days ( and I hope I will pass it the first time), but mostly because I am scared!
I am so unbelievably scared about WHO IS GOING TO BE ON THE ROAD at the same time as me!
I know I will be very careful, because I will drive the two most precious things I have in the world, but who is gonna drive right next to me?
The teenage party with no seat belts? The middle aged real estate agent making deals over the cell phone while driving? The older couple, that “tricked” the eye test at DMV the last time? John Doe that had a tough day at work and decided to stop for a couple of beers?
Don’t get me wrong! I don’t think that taking cars from teenagers or blocking the cell phones of the real estate agents, or not allowing older people to drive or never sell alcohol again can be reasonable solution, of course!
These are only examples ( but they can indeed be the REAL stories of somebody else!) of the million cases that nobody wants to think of, until it happens to US!
It is easy to be like an ostrich, with your head hidden in the sand, never wanting to believe that being on the street is not only about how careful we are, but how careful are the other people on the road too!
WHO IS RESPONSIBLE about all the people that die annually on the road because of a bad decision somebody else made? And does it even matter, since WE CAN’T GET THE PEOPLE WE LOSE BACK, no matter how many guilty verdicts the court orders, how many sleepless nights we have, how many regretful speeches we hear and how many tears of sorrow we shed!
I didn’t want to fill my blog with sad stories, I prefer the easy-reading, funny-witty stories I can tell you, but I just felt obliged to ask YOU, personally:
PLEASE, before you go on the road, before you start your car, always think about ARE YOU IN A CONDITION TO DRIVE?
If you the asnwer is NO, then think about ALL the people that you are gonna endanger with your presence on the road, take your phone and call a friend to give you a lift!
PLEASE, for MY children’s sake, for YOUR children’s sake, for everybody on the road, FIRST THINK, THEN DRIVE!!!

And we are responsible, aren’t we?! At least I know you are trying to find out, if you are reading this, so you might as well go ahead and tell your loved once to be responsible too!
Right now is ALWAYS a good time to do something about it !