Kicking butt

I am back! Thank God, because at some point I was not sure I would EVER find the time to add a second posting to my blog !
I guess everything starts with the first step but the second, third and fourth are nonetheless important. There are so many things people start just for the sake of starting and never even try to make these so important next steps( but boy, does THAT keep them out of giving you advice how to succeed in what they have failed!)
So why then, when you try to start something new, something that you REALLY want, there are always people that “are there for you” to make you feel miserable because you even dared to wish that you can achieve something they can’t even dream about?
Because they can’t even dream about it?
I feel I am blessed I have right next to me one ( and only actually) person that always lets me dream as much as I want and never makes me feel guilty about it( and believe me there were times I should have felt guilty about it). But it hurts when somebody closer to you, that knows you very well tries to bring you down and not even think about the things you need to hear in such a moment and NO, by things-you-need-to-hear I don’t mean all the discouraging and nagging-“helpful” remarks people can invent ( I suspect especially for the occasion) to make you feel bad!
Have you ever showed proudly to someone the one and only little plant you had the chance not to kill from over-watering or even worse, from over-drying and no matter your “care” it not only survived but it actually bloomed?! Did they respond with dumb look and changing the subject with something like ” Gosh, do you know how fat you look lately! Are you thinking to start a diet or something?” ?
Well, you know what I’m talking about then.
This is for ALL of you, always-encouraging, never-letting-you-down or in other words just-being-there-right-next-to-you when you miserably fail at something, not to kick your ass, but to kick your butt to get up and try again:

P.S And although we love you and we need you so much, thank God there are not too many of you, otherwise we couldn’t have sit on our butts at all, from your encouragement! 😀